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Not my child...
They wouldn't do that"

Testing your teen has been proven to help with peer pressure. 
Its gives them and extra reason to say, "NO" and why they shouldn't just "give it a try".


Teen drug use is on the rise. Legalization of marijuana in some states and the easy access to prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications is compounding the problem. In fact, today, more teens smoke marijuana than tobacco

Testing your teen for drug use is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. A parent’s biggest concern is that they will violate the trusting relationship they have with their child

Children need boundaries, and they need to know that you care enough to maintain them. The point of drug testing your teen is not to catch them using drugs, but to deter them from using drugs. Let them know that this is your way of helping them with peer pressure. They can let their friends know that they get drug tested at home… so “NO”… they can’t try it just this once

To learn more about our ConnectedParent Program, visit your local TRUST IN US. Our Connected Parent Program contains information for parents, such as a list of common drugs of abuse, signs and symptoms of drug use and recommendations on what you can do as a parent. Also, give us a call.

We are ready to help you with one of our teen drug testing options, including:

  • Rapid drug screens, when you need to know now

  • Lab–based drug screens and confirmations of drug screens for your assurance

  • Nail Testing, for detecting exposure of up to 8 months for drugs and 3 months for EtG.

  • Hair Testing, when you want to detect further detection 

  • periods.--Extended panels and detection times available

  • Hair Testing, when you want to detect further detection periods.--Extended panels and detection times available

  • Depending on the drug you suspect, drug tests for different detection periods are available

Additional tests are available for:

  • Alcohol 

  • Tobacco

  • Unknown substances suspected of being drugs

  • DXM abuse

  • Synthetic cannabinoids, such as K2 and Spice

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