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We understand your unique business background screening needs. We will help you by customizing a background check package tailored to you company’s needs. Our background check service will help your business hire and retain the individuals who meet your company’s precise criteria.

Background Checks

Background checks protect your business by preventing misrepresentation on job applications and enabling your company from hiring employees who have shown unwanted behaviors.

Our Technology

TIU has established a direct partnership with an accredited credit reporting agency to bring you the latest technologies and solutions for background checks.

Privacy and Security

The security of customer and applicant data is extremely important to us. To protect data from unauthorized access and usage, the system architecture was designed with multiple security measures to ensure only proper access including ongoing security audits, physical, network, data security, and a multi-factor authentication.

Operational Efficiency

Minimize data entry with Streamline, the rules-based ordering feature that allows for the placement or recommendation for criminal record orders, based on social security number (SSN) trace results from a single profile entry screen.

Establish rules to simplify order entry to meet your unique business needs.

Validation Tools

Placing orders with invalid information is a waste of time and money when it returns the wrong or simply no profile information. The system uses Social Security Number (SSN) and Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) validations to help ensure the information entered into the profile and order entry screens is accurate before the order is placed, helping to save you time and effort

Report Delivery

Reports are provided as Adobe® PDF documents

When profiles are complete, customers or applicants receive an email link to the completed profile rather than an email with a PDF attached. Recipients present unique credentials to log directly into the system to view the profile.

To Learn more about Background Checks Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-712-8378

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