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With Trust In Us's driver file service, you can stop worrying about non-compliant files and focus on what really matters – keeping your business moving

Who Needs It?

  • Transport hazardous materials that require placarding

If you are an interstate carrier, the FMCSA requires you to maintain driver files if you: 

  • Drive with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR ) or Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 10,001+  pounds

  • Transport eight or more passengers

Driver File Management

How confident are you that your driver files are accurate and up to date?

  • DOT-complaint Application for Employment

  • Previous Employment Record Request

  • Accident History Report Request

  • FMCSR Training Certificate

  • Road Test Certificate

  • Three-Year Driving History

  • Safety Performance History

Each driver Qualification File includes: 

Program Benefits

Our team of compliance experts will create and maintain files that are 100% complete and audit ready. We’ll even do your background screens!

For more information on how we can help create or audit your driver files, fill out the 
form or contact a Trust In Us specialist at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I own the company. Why do I have to maintain all this paperwork?

A: Owner-operators are responsible for employer as well as employee responsibilities since they are both the driver and the motor carrier. There are requirements that the “driver” needs to meet (e.g., have a current medical card, driver’s license, etc.), and other requirements that the employer must meet (e.g., document maintenance and random testing program participation, etc.)

Q: If a motor carrier maintains complete Driver Qualification Files, but cannot produce them at the time of the review or within two business days, is it in violation of 391.51?

A: Yes. Driver Qualification Files must be produced on demand. Producing Driver Qualification Files after the completion of the review does not negate a record keeping violation.

Q: My drivers don’t have CDLs. Why do they need driver files?

A: Driver Qualification Files relate to the class of vehicle, not the type of license. Per 49 CFR Part 391, Driver Qualification Files must be maintained for anyone who operates a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). In 49 CFR Part 390.5, a CMV is defined as a vehicle involved in interstate commerce with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating, of 10,001 pounds or more, or that is designed to transport more than 8 people for hire or more than 15 people not for hire, or that transports hazardous materials in a quantity that requires placards.

Q: Can I keep a driver’s drug and alcohol information in his Driver 
Qualification File?

A: Drug and alcohol information should be kept in a separate confidential file with limited access.

Q: My state auditor says I am missing certain documents in my Driver Qualification Files (DQF). I thought your paperwork was all I needed to be compliant. How can this be happening?

A: TIU's forms and programs are based on Federal DOT requirements. As such, we can provide you with all of the DQF forms needed for compliance with Federal requirements. Your state may have additional requirements that go above and beyond the Federal requirements.

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