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Have you been ordered to complete a drug and/or alcohol test? 

Don't worry! We got you covered! TIU offers a variety of testing needs for court ordered purposes

At TRUST IN US, we know there are many reasons why you might need to take a drug test. Whatever your reasons may be, let us assure you that our professional staff will be here to help you find the test that is right for you. Your test will be conducted quickly, confidentially and affordably in our conveniently located medical testing facility. You will receive results quickly.

Whether you are getting tested just once, or if you are needing to be tested frequently, we can help you find the test that will provide the results you need. We offer a color code random program for individuals needing to be tested randomly.  We have a wide range of drug testing options that provide certified laboratory results. Finding the right test is easy with the assistance of our caring, professional medical staff. They will help you to determine which test will provide you with the most complete toxicology picture based on your needs


We are ready to help you with your one or more drug testing options, including:

  • Rapid drug screens, for instant results

  • Lab–based drug screens and confirmations of drug screens for your assurance

- Lowered thresholds are available upon request

  • Nail Testing, for detecting exposure of up to 8 months for drugs and 3 months for EtG

- Child Guard Hair Testing, an exposure to drugs test for children. To prove they have been around a parent involved with drugs.

  • A variety of drug testing options, from marijuana to street drugs and prescription medications

  • Depending on the drug, drug tests for different detection periods are available

  • Color Code Program, when you are ordered to test a certain amount of times a month or week.

  • Chemical Assessments- Additional tests are available for

- Alcohol (breath and urine)
- Tobacco
- Extended opiate panels
- Unknown substances suspected of being drugs
- DXM abuse
- Synthetic cannabinoids, such as K2 and Spice

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