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Key points

  • Beginning Aug. 1, 2023, the legislation will allow Minnesotans 21 and older to possess and use certain amounts of cannabis and cannabis products.

  • The legislation allows people age 21 and older to possess or transport up to 2 ounces of cannabis flower, 8 grams of concentrate and 800 milligrams of edible product (including lower-potency hemp-derived product). An adult may also possess up to 2 pounds of cannabis flower in a private residence.

  • The tax on cannabis product sales will be 10% (this is in addition to the standard state and local sales tax rates). Medical cannabis product sales are not taxed.

  • Beginning Aug. 1, 2023, people age 21 and older can grow up to eight cannabis plants, with no more than four being mature, at a single residence. A cultivation license will be required to grow more plants. The plants must be grown in an enclosed, locked space that is not open to public view. People 21 and older can possess up to 2 pounds of cannabis flower in their home.

  • Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, where it is still classified as a controlled substance.

  • Lower-potency THC hemp edibles will continue to be allowed.

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Limitations on use

Cannabis can be used by people 21 and older on private property, private residences and places with approved licenses or an event permit.

Cannabis cannot be used when operating a motor vehicle.

Cannabis cannot be used or possessed in the following locations:

  • Public school or charter schools and school buses

  • State correctional facilities

  • In a location where the smoke, aerosol or vapor of a cannabis product could be inhaled by a minor

  • On federal property (such as courthouses, airports and national parks)

Smoking cannabis is prohibited anywhere smoking commercial tobacco is prohibited. Smoking or vaping adult-use cannabis products is prohibited in a multifamily housing building.

Safe and responsible use

  • Cannabis should always be used responsibly and never used before driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. Driving under the influence of cannabis will remain  illegal, and subject to additional DWI sanctions.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have been diagnosed with or are predisposed to serious mental illness, talk with your health care provider before using cannabis.

  • To avoid dangerous interactions with prescribed medications, talk to your health care provider or pharmacist before using cannabis.

  • Make sure your cannabis is stored safely. Keep your products in child-resistant packaging, clearly labeled and locked up.

  • If you think your cannabis use is disrupting your daily life or causing problems at home, work or school, talk to your health care provider or substance use counselor.

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