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Why DNA Testing? 

There are many reasons someone might need a DNA test, such as: 

Paternity Testing

Social Security Benefits

Child Custody

Child Support

Immigration Rights



$300 for DNA test, $25 for yourself, plus another $25 if someone else is being tested.
(Ex. Father + Child = $350

While other competitors out there are charging up to $600 per test, TIU has DNA testing starting at $300 which can be used for court purposes as well. Results will be available in approximately 5-7 business days.


The DNA swab tests for 16 different markers and takes up to 7 days of testing

Fast, easy
and painless 

Collecting samples for DNA analysis is an easy and painless process that can be performed in the privacy of your own home, or at a sample collection site, if a court admissible test is required. A sterile swab, similar to a Q-tip is rubbed on the inside of the cheek for 30 seconds, placed into an envelope and sent back to the lab for analysis.


DNA tests are generated using as few as four markers, to as many as 16 markers. Our Laboratory routinely uses a 16 marker test that can achieve a probability of >99.999%. Should a complex case arise, the lab can test an additional 5 markers, for a total of 21 genetic markers.

Private vs. Legal

Private Testing

A private paternity test can be collected by yourself, in the privacy of your own home, but is not admissible in court. The private paternity test is a quick, private and economical solution that is perfect for families who are seeking the truth regarding paternity for personal information. If you are interested in a private test, a kit can be shipped to your home. Private (non chain of custody) paternity tests are not accredited by AABB at any laboratory.

Useful for: 

Mothers and fathers have lingering doubt

Adult children wanting verification of their true biological parents

Families wanting to know before incurring expensive legal costs

Legal Testing

Samples for a legal test must be collected or witnessed by a neutral third party such as a laboratory, doctor, or clinic. As the third party collector, we will use the proper Chain of Custody; a documentation process used to ensure the test results are legally admissible. When your samples are collected for a legal test you will be required to show government issued photo ID. In addition, a photograph of all test participants may be taken. If you are interested in a legal test, contact us to schedule an appontment today.

Useful for: 

Child support



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